Finding a reliable factory floor coating, or warehouse anti-slip coating, can literally be a matter of life or death. An anti-slip solution for factory or warehouse floors must be rugged, durable and offer a high degree of slip resistance. Generally speaking, these types of floors are concrete and may have some sort of an epoxy finish.

The anti-slip solution for factory floor coating for these environments, must have a very coarse texture and be able to handle a lot of friction from pallets, boxes, fork lifts and foot traffic. SolidStepCote Formula 04 has the power to handle just these types of flooring situations and features a water-borne polymer aggregate that is similar to a 50-grit sandpaper. It will hold up to intensive abrasion and provides a coefficient of friction that ranges between 0.85-0.9 in slip meter testing, far beyond ADA standards.

SolidStepCote can be easily applied by low nap roller in a two coat application. Unlike epoxy anti-slip solutions, it does not require 24-48 hours of drying time. And unlike epoxy anti-slip solutions, SolidStepCote features UV protection for areas that may receive direct sunlight so it will not yellow or discolor the floor.

Furthermore, SolidStepCote is non-toxic, having no harmful fumes or unpleasant odors. A green, single component solution, SolidStepCote is environmentally responsible and contributes to LEED rating system points. Protect your factory floor coating or warehouse workers from slip and fall accidents and the heavy liabilities that accompany those injuries.

Apply SolidStepCote to your floors today and enjoy the peace of mind and financial security that can only come from knowing you have dependable anti-slip floors in your factory or warehouse.

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