Nursing homes, assisted living facilities and retirement communities must take constant precautions for safety. Fall accidents are not only the 2nd most common cause of injury and death in the U.S., but the incidence of slip and fall amongst the elderly is particularly high. Within assisted living facilities there are many areas that frequently become slippery, requiring anti-slip solutions that provide safety for seniors and anti-slip flooring at all times.

SolidStepCote is the only truly Green anti-slip solution that is versatile enough to be used on ALL types of flooring. With SolidStepCote, your nursing home, assisted living facility or retirement community’s kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, pool decks, tubs and showers will become highly slip resistant, safe for your staff and residents and easy to clean and maintain.

SolidStepCote is water-based, has no fumes or unpleasant odors and dries quickly. It is highly water resistant and will not yellow, crack or discolor in indoor or outdoor environments. It is very durable and lasts for years under most circumstances. This Green product provides a Coefficient of Friction that far exceeds ADA standards and contributes to LEED rating points for your facility. Seniors safety should be a primary concern for everybody with elderly family members.

Make sure your assisted living facility, nursing home or retirement community is safe for your residents, guests and staff at all times. Stop slip and falls and create a no skid zone with SolidStepCote and help increase safety for seniors.

The overwhelming majority of slip and fall accidents in hospitals and health care facilities occur in the patients rooms and bathrooms. Anti-slip hospital floor coatings and medical flooring can help save lives and costly medical injury claims. Treating those and other flooring surfaces throughout the facility, including operating rooms, cafeterias, patient bedrooms and bathrooms and food preparation areas is key to preventing slips and falls. Our medical flooring anti-slip coating is perfect for all areas of your hospital or medical facility.

SolidStepCote is a Green, crystal clear, single component solution that contributes to LEED ratings for your health care facility. It safe and easy to apply and maintain, has no fumes, toxins or unpleasant odors, and can be walked on within 4-6 hours of application. These factors make SolidStepCote the only choice for creating anti-slip floors in your health care facility or hospital. Make your hospital safer today, by helping to prevent slip and fall accidents with SolidStepCote.