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In-depth detail and features for our anti-slip clear coating

Anti-Slip Coatings – Patio Coatings

Anti-slip patio coatings can remove slip and fall situations on your patio at any time of year. Your patio is a frequent source of traffic and if it is [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Pool Deck

A slippery pool deck can be one of the most dangerous areas of a property, due to the constant presence of water and the hard surfaces used to [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Boat Deck

Marine and Boating have their own set of special requirements when it comes to anti-slip surfaces. Many boats feature surfaces that are particularly difficult to deal with when [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Bathroom Floor

Here's a frightening statistic. Did you know the bathroom and kitchen account for over 75% of all slip and fall injuries, and the majority of those take place [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Commercial, Home & Industrial Use!

Residential and Commercial kitchens are one of the most common places where slip and fall accidents occur. Which is why our anti-slip products are so important for your [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – All Surfaces

A slippery floor is a dangerous way to enter your home. Many floors have very smooth, hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, linoleum, Mexican tile, polished marble or [...]

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