Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know I tried your product and was very pleased with the results. I used it in my shower and WOW!! What a difference it makes!! Manufacturers of shower stall and bathtubs should be ashamed of themselves for not making their products safe. Thank you for making it safe for me to take a shower now without the threat of falling. Once again your product is GREAT!! Thanks

Virginia .G — (Rhode Island)


I installed SolidStepCote on my bathroom floor tiles about 6 years ago. The only preparation was to clean and dry the floor, then I rolled two coats on with a roller. The job was completed start to finish in about 30 minutes. There was no objectionable odor and I was able to walk on the floor the next day. Now, 6 years later, the non-slip surface is very much intact. There are no visible signs of wear even in the high traffic area in front of the sink. The surface texture is not so coarse as to be uncomfortable or difficult to clean.
Andy S. — (Washington D.C)


I would recommend SolidStepCote for any bathroom floor. I believe it is the best product of its kind for long-lasting slip resistance.
Frank L. — (Norristown, PA)


Our company had been looking at many non-slip products in the market and I have to say that since I’ve started testing SolidStepCote from Liquiguard, I’ve found that it goes above my expectations for non-slip coverage while still providing an elegant almost mirror-like finish.

This product works on any surface…If you’re looking for a product that provides both safety and visual appeal, this is where you need to look. I am 100% sold on this product.
Dennis M. — Safe-T-Floor (Norfolk, NE)


I’m a 71 year old man and had been having problems with my feet slipping in the shower. I knew it was only a matter of time before something bad happened. I found out about SolidStepCote from a friend and applied the 02 formula to my bathtub floor well over 2 years ago. It was totally odorless and so easy to apply. Since then, I have had absolutely no issues or concerns with slip and fall in my shower and its not showing the slightest trace of needing reapplication. I do the same things I always did to clean my shower and the product is as clear as the day it was applied. When I shower, my feet are comfortable and I feel confident moving around as much I need to. SolidStepCote IS the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Carl J. – (Fort Lauderdale, FL)


I applied SolidStepCote to our bathtub several weeks ago. The process was very easy and it dried in about 4 hours. There was no smell at all when I applied it. The surface was very comfortable on the feet, not rough or sticky but absolutely non-slip. After daily use it is the same as the first time I used it. I would highly recommend this product.
Mike S. – (San Francisco, CA)