The restaurant industry has one of the highest incidences of slip and fall accidents. Because of the constant presence of food, liquids, oils and other slippery substances, slippery conditions are virtually a constant for restaurants. Restaurant floor anti-slip coatings are an easy way to safeguard your restaurant against injuries.

SolidStepCote is a perfect fit for solving slip and fall accidents in both the kitchen and dishwashing areas. Creating a slip resistant floor is essential in protecting both restaurant staff and guests. SolidStepCote is the premier anti-slip solution on the market today for the restaurant industry. It is a Green product with low VOC’s, fumes and odors making it safe for dining and food prep areas.

It is so easy to apply, clean, and it works on ALL flooring surfaces for your restaurant floor. Best of all, unlike cleaners and degreasers which only can provide effective anti-slip flooring for restaurants and protection when the floor is dry, SolidStepCote is extremely effective even under wet and oily conditions, in the middle of a busy shift.

SolidStepCote is crystal clear in appearance so your restaurant floor won’t sacrifice aesthetics in order to create a anti-slip floor. With four formulas to choose from, there is a perfect solution for every flooring surface and condition. And because SolidStepCote is a Green, non-toxic solution, your restaurant will maintain the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

SolidStepCote is durable, long lasting and can be walked on within 6 hours of application, allowing for most restaurant floors to apply the product after the close of business and be ready to open the doors again in the morning. Anti-slip flooring for restaurants can provide years of safe, hazard free flooring use for you and your employees.

SolidStepCote is the smart solution for today’s restaurant floor and commercial kitchens who want to maintain the proper balance between safety, ease of maintenance and cost effectiveness. Protect your restaurant business against lawsuits, settlements, workers comp claims and the headaches that accompany them with SolidStepCote.