Frequently Asked Questions


Is SolidStepCote LEED Compliant?

Yes, SSC is an environmentally-friendly product that may contribute to the LEED GREEN BUILDING CERTIFICATION SYSTEM. SolidStepCote contains extremely low VOC’S and has no fumes or odors. It is a GREEN product.

How many square feet of coverage will I get from a container of SolidStepCote?

Depending upon the the surface on which it is being applied, the average coverage is up to 250 square feet per gallon for a two coat application on non porous surfaces.

How many coats should I apply?

A minimum of two coats is recommended for best performance and durability. For areas receiving heavy traffic or which may encounter scuffing, scratching or other abrasion, two coats are considered a minimum requirement.

How long does it take to dry before it can be walked on?

After application, the SolidStepCote floor can handle foot traffic within 4-6 hours. Full cure requires 24-48 hours and the treated floor should not be subjected to abrasion until the coating has fully cured.

What’s the best way to apply it to get good results?

For best results, the suggested application method is a foam brush or soft bristle brush and for larger areas low-nap roller (3/16th inch). For application details, please see our application page within this site.

How long will it last/When will I have to reapply?

Depending upon the amount of foot traffic and other exposure the coating will receive, the life span will range between one to many years before needing local reapplication in more heavily trafficked areas. Areas that become scratched or scuffed may be retouched as needed.

Will the solution chip, crack or become discolored?

Under normal use SolidStepCote should provide trouble free service without chipping, cracking or discoloring. Use of harsh cleaning materials may lead to discoloration and should be avoided.

Is SolidStepCote waterproof?

Yes absolutely. In our internal testing, SolidStepCote did not show any signs of degradation even after days of continuous submersion in water!

Can it be removed?

Yes, we offer a vegetable extract stripping material, BioStrip, that can help easily remove SolidStepCote. It works by penetrating the coating and breaking it’s bond with the substrate.

How will it affect the look of my floors?

SolidStepCote is a crystal clear and glossy product that is designed to maintain the beauty of the original flooring. The more coarse formulas (03 and 04) will be slightly more visible than the less coarse formulas (01 and 02) but still nearly invisible.

How does it test per ADA/OSHA requirements?

SolidStepCote is among the most slip resistant solutions available on the market today. Our SolidStepCote Formula 03, the most popular formula available, has tested at over 0.7 in a slip meter test on a wet vinyl and wood composite floor board. ADA standards are 0.6 on this scale. SolidStepCote Formula 04 tests consistently at over 0.85 wet on slip meters and has PVT (wet pendulum test value) of 55.

How do I maintain/clean my SolidStepCote floor?

Caring for your SolidStepCote treated floor couldn’t be easier. See our care and maintenance page within the site.

How long will my SolidStepCote last in storage?

When stored in airtight containers, away from light and heat, SolidStepCote will remain useable for up to two years. After prolonged storage make sure that the contents are mixed well prior to application.

Are there storage requirements for SolidStepCote?

Store between temperatures of 65F to 75F.

How can I become a SolidStepCote distributor or reseller?

Please contact us for information about becoming a SolidStepCote partner.