Anti-Slip Factories and Warehouses

In-depth case studies and features for an anti-slip surface

Anti-Slip Coatings – Boat Deck

Marine and Boating have their own set of special requirements when it comes to anti-slip surfaces. Many boats feature surfaces that are particularly difficult to deal with when [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Factories and Warehouses

Finding a reliable factory floor coating, or warehouse anti-slip coating, can literally be a matter of life or death. An anti-slip solution for factory or warehouse floors must [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Workshop Floors

An Anti-Slip Coating for workshops, auto repair shops and industrial environments that eliminates slippery floors. You need durability and performance to create safe anti-slip flooring conditions. SolidStepCote provides a [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Bathroom Floor

Here's a frightening statistic. Did you know the bathroom and kitchen account for over 75% of all slip and fall injuries, and the majority of those take place [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Commercial, Home & Industrial Use!

Residential and Commercial kitchens are one of the most common places where slip and fall accidents occur. Which is why our anti-slip products are so important for your [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – All Surfaces

A slippery floor is a dangerous way to enter your home. Many floors have very smooth, hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, linoleum, Mexican tile, polished marble or [...]

Hospitals and Health Care Facilities require maximum safety for staff, patients and visitors.

Unfortunately, many hospitals and health care facilities feature slippery tile or vinyl composition flooring, which often cause unnecessary slip and fall hazards for medical flooring. While keeping a [...]

Hotel Safety Anti-Slip Products – Every Surface, One Anti-Slip Coating Solution

The Hospitality industry is a prime target for slip and fall accidents. Hotels feature so many of the environments and surfaces that often become wet, oily and slippery, [...]

Anti-Slip Coatings – Grocery Store Floors

Grocery Stores are one of the most high traffic commercial environments. Grocery store patrons are on their feet drifting between frozen food sections, produce areas, refrigerated food sections [...]

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