Marine and Boating have their own set of special requirements when it comes to anti-slip surfaces. Many boats feature surfaces that are particularly difficult to deal with when it comes to creating a anti-slip surface. Fiberglass, teak and other wood and plastics need a boat deck coating that is durable and provides a high coefficient of friction when wet. It also needs to handle intensive UV exposure and constant exposure to salt or fresh water. You need a boat deck coating that is reliable and able to withstand harsh conditions.

SolidStepCote is the only anti-slip solution on the market that fits this bill, making it the best fit for boat deck coating, yachts, cruise ships and other marine vessels. Furthermore, because SolidStepCote is a water-based, Green, non-toxic product, there are no concerns with wash-off or excess product, that may get into the water when applying it.

SolidStepCote is a single component, slip resistant solution that is easy to apply (no mixing required) and maintain. It can handle the elements associated with boating and the marine environment. Why continue to use inconvenient and unsightly sandpaper strips that are expensive, peel off and leave sticky residue, and don’t last, or epoxy coatings that are highly toxic and dangerous as well as difficult to apply with unreasonable drying times? Just roll or spray on two coats of SolidStepCote that will dry within 4-6 hours of application and you’re good to go. And our anti-slip solution should, last for several years on your fiberglass or boat deck coating, depending upon the amount of foot traffic it receives.

Plus, with its built in UV protection and Mildewcides, SolidStepCote is a sealer that will protect the underlying surface and keep your boat deck coating surface from yellowing, discoloring or developing mold or mildew. Get SolidStepCote now and create the green, clean and effective anti-slip surface you’re seeking today!